About Us

Hello, I am Cindy Albers and I live in the country near a nice town call Kaufman, Texas.  It is South East of Dallas, Texas.  I have lived in Texas all of my life.  My niece, Cindy Leskey, lives in Merrill, Wisconsin.  She grew up there.  We both love making jewelry, so naturally this evolved into cindyohcindy.com!  We both can do what we enjoy at either end of these United States and come together to market our wares.  The internet is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Please take a look around.  Make sure you look at the "SOLD" items.  There might be a piece that you'd like one of us to make for you in a different color or size.  We can't guarantee it will be exactly as you see it, because when making handmade items, it is impossible to duplicate an item exactly.  That is what makes custom designed, handmade items so unique.

We hope you enjoy our web site.